Flat Lander’s

Reminiscent of early 20th Century Jamaican style Rum distilling.
The antithesis of flavorless, modern column still, mass produced rum.
Made from combination of organic black strap molasses and organic sugar.

Flat Lander’s

Seldom cultivated and indigenous to Britain and Northern Europe, Bilberry
highlights the Juniper and eight other botanical’s found in our gin. Tasting notes:
Tart fig, Pepper and Black Licorice. At 90 proof our Gin botanicals are
macerated in a 100% Michigan wheat base spirit and then properly distilled.

Flat Lander’s

Distilled from 100% Michigan organic wheat. Exceptionally crisp
and smooth. So smooth in fact that many will order and drink neat.

Flat Lander’s

Organic, 90 proof, aged less than 24 hrs in New White Oak. Heavily wheated
organic rye. Tasting notes: Fresh, Light, Bright, and Florally. Soft on the palate.

Flat Lander’s

Locally grown Organic Corn balanced with a healthy dose of Michigan Wheat
to provide some spice and a bit of Malty Barley to the finish.
Classic Vanilla aroma & sweetness with hints of malt, spice and tobacco.
Aged 3 Years in New Charred White Oak Barrels.